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our History

McAlpin’s Suir Inn has been in the ownership of the McAlpin family since 1971. The Inn itself goes back a lot further than that as it was built in the 17th Century and has been an Inn for almost 300 years. In 1971 the pub was bought by Dunstan and Mary McAlpin. Dunstan had been working in the textile industry in Dublin but decided to get out of the “rat race”! Mary up until then had been busy bringing up their five children and another one was added within the first couple years at Cheekpoint. Soon after the family moved into the pub they moved out again into a cottage accross the road while major refurbishment and building work took place. This was to last almost a year.

The pub stayed open and had a steady drinks trade due to the busy fishing harbour. There was a demand for food and soon after Fresh Salmon Rolls appeared on the counter of The Suir Inn. It has been said that this was the birth of the Salmon Roll. Lunches and evening meals soon followed and by the late ’70s the pub had built up a considerable local reputation for fresh seafood and an authentic Indian curry, Dunstan had spent several years in India during his youth and always enjoyed cooking as a hobby. Since the 70’s the pub has remained virtually unchanged. Members of the family have taken an active part in the running of the business while Mary and Dunstan still maintain a considerable behind the scene active involvement in the kitchens during the day.

Takeaway Meals

Available at londis dunmore road




The Village, Cheekpoint, Co. Waterford

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